Area of operation

Area of operationGeographically our area of operation covers the south-east of Bulgaria. We are based in the city of Bourgas and would accept jobs in a 50 km radius with no problem but any project is unique and we may work on projects further than this depending on your case.

Potential of Renovation

potential of renovationBefore buying a property in need of renovation in Bulgaria we strongly recommend contacting an experienced builder in advance to get a full picture of what you are about to undertake. A builder will point out any major structural defects and could save you thousands in the long run. He will be able to privide you with potentially better layouts or ideas that will enhance the value of your home.

The perfect building plot in Bulgaria

choosing the perfect building plot in bulgariaAre you looking for sea views, flat open plains or a mountain landscape? Is the plot purely for investment purposes or a place where you intend to build a home for yourself? Do you want to be close to other people or are you looking for a remote retreat in Bulgaria? The location of your land will have an impact on the price; the highest land prices are on the coast but if you move 10-20 km to the inland you will find significantly cheaper prices.

Builder in Bourgas, Bulgaria.

Builder in Bourgas, BulgariaThe building procedures in every country vary and without knowing them in detail many time and money will be simply wasted, and so in Bulgaria. Having been in the building and construction busines in Bulgaria since 1996 we believe our general overview of the house building process would be helpful before you start building your dreamed home.

Renovation cost estimate

Renovation Cost EstimateHaving done many renovation projects in the past, unlike many builders in Bulgaria we can give you an exact estimate (offer in written) for the renovation works required by the homeowner, and the renovation will cost you not a penny more of what we have quoted. Our quote is very detailed giving you the cost for every work required and ordered.

Obtaining Building Permit in Bulgaria

obtaining a building permit in bulgariaPreparation of the paperwork especially related to new construction is a difficult and long process, sometimes rather clumsy because you have to deal with the municipal administration so it is not recommended to do it by yourself. Before you start the construction permit procedure you have to check if the plot of land you own is as we call it in Bulgaria “regulated” or it is not.

Old property renovation in Bulgaria

old property renovation in bulgariaIf you are an owner of an old property in Bulgaria or intend to buy such and your property needs a repair there are some specific details you should be aware of in order to make a personal preliminary analysis for its condition. When viewing the house try to pay attention to as many details as possible and to check the house from different angles.

Swimming Pool Building Tips

Swimming Pool Building TipsIn the building industry everything could be done and everything is possible. It is only a matter of price. The correct and advanced planning of your swimming pool could save you many future costs. We will advise you how to plan and build your pool and our professional assistance will save you many troubles and money and will allow you to concentrate to more important things in your life – your family and your business.