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Why is your garden design important?

No matter if you are renovating your old house in Bulgaria or if you are constructing a new home, landscaping your garden is what makes your home look completed and attractive. With us you can plan an attractive landscape design and then enjoy it the way you want it to be.

Naturally your home is the center of interest on your property and a proper landscaping will enhance the good points and distract attention from the weak points. The design of your garden makes your house unique and completed. Landscaping is more beyond putting a couple of plants in your garden. There are also lots of details to bring a sense of style through designing your garden area.

When we plan the layout of your garden we will discuss with you the architectural components of your yard design:

  • Paths and walls
  • Decking or Patio area
  • Fence and gate
  • Wall fountain, Pond, Waterfall, Rock garden
  • Barbecue area
  • Garden lighting
  • Watering system
  • And last but not least: The plants - trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn

Apart from these items you may also consider building a swimming pool. A well designed swimming pool adds the final touch to your yard and is the perfect place for family gathering and point of relaxation in the summer heat.

The plants

We will pay attention first to the layout of the plants in your garden. The plants are the backbone of your garden and affect the look of your garden. Appropriate plants must be grouped together and in proper order for the sun rays to reach them. The green plants in the garden can hide views from the house or to the house; they can create an intimate area or large open spaces. The right layout of the trees in the garden can allow you to use the garden all year round and provide maximum sun to specific areas – like the swimming pool for example.

Architectural components

Architectural components in your yard will be built on your request. You should think about the fence (type and material), gate, front yard, backyard and/or swimming pool. Keep in mind that the front yard will be seen all year round and must be designed attractive, because it is you card to others and must look inviting.

The help you make the right decision about layout, type and materials in your yard we have put together the

We hope they will be helpful.

Low maintenance garden?

A garden can be landscaped to require minimal maintenance, but all garden/outdoor spaces will at some stage require maintenance. Even if this involves maintaining plants several times in the year, and additionally cleaning, repainting, staining natural and man-made materials. The amount of maintenance is down to personal preference. By choosing good-quality, robust materials that are well designed and built to a high level of construction method will reduce the amount of on-going maintenance you will have to undertake in the future. Good design and implementation reduces maintenance.

Having in mind that many houses in Bulgaria are owned as a second home it is very likely that you will not be in Bulgaria all year round and it will be not possible for you to maintain your garden. We offer property management as a standard service; you can contact us about property maintenance.

A word of warning:
The planting looks smaller than I expected. Why is this?

Instant perfect effect results are made in show-gardens only. It is absolutely normal to see more soil than anticipated when your new garden is completed. The plants will grow to their optimized size in about 3 seasons (5 seasons for larger plants – slow growing shrubs and trees). It is not good to have young plants competing with each other for nutrients and by buying them smaller it gives them time to grow into the space to find their own source of nutrients. This also gives some time to transplant them if required and you get emotionally connected to the plants in your garden. If we put grown up plants in the garden they will start immediately competing for their own space and many plants will be lost.

Two samples “before and after 2 seasons’
Landscaping before

Landscaping services BulgariaLandscaping services

Designing and planning your garden is a significant process and if the job is done well you will be rewarded for many years to come.

You can contact us here for landscaping your yard.


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