[REFERENCE] House renovation in Sredets area

Here we are posting details of renovation project carried out by our company. Subject of the renovation is a typical old house in Bulgaria. The house was last habitable a decade or two ago and required a major overhauling to bring it up to modern standards. The structure of the house was sound and we were confident once the property is renovated our efforts will be rewarded with a house full of charm, interesting architecture, unique character, individuality and exclusivity.

This house has successfully passed the test of time. The fact that this house had been built half a century ago and is still standing there is the best evidence of its true quality.

The house before

The house after

The ground floor is made of stones and bricks. This floor was partly used as basement and storage. The top floor is made of bricks.

New concrete slab between the ground and the top floor

The concrete slab will give the house more strength, earthquake resistance, soundproofing and more comfort.
At this stage we leave an opening on the floor where later on the internal stairs will be built


Balcony Repair

The balcony of the house was in a very poor condition. A slab of concrete was poured on the place of the balcony and also a colum of reinforced steel concrete was pored to streghten the house s was repaired with concrete. The concrete of the balcony will support the roof too.


Roof repair

The roof was stripped and fully repaired.
Rotten old roof supporting beams and rafters were replaced with new ones.
New boards were put on the rafters. The old roof tiles were in good condition and were be reused, the broken ones were replaced with new roof tiles.


Earthworks in the basement to increase the height of the ground floor

Typical for a Bulgarian house the ground floor’s ceiling wasn’t high enough, the reason for this is that the ground floor (or at least the rooms at the back) was used as a storage place only. The low ceiling problem was fixes by digging and removing about 40 cm from the ground. This added the required height in the rooms. A concrete slab was been poured on this floor too. All works have been done entirely by hand.


New windows of PVC

All old windows were replaced with new windows of PVC (doble glazed)


New walls of plasterboards

New walls were installed of plasterboard - for the bathroom and toilet on both floors and in the room where the new internal stairs is.


New ceilings

New ceilings were installed of plaster boards, with mineral wool fors hest insulation.
The house has also been completely rewired.



New plumbing and piping




Plastering the door openings


Forming the area for the internal stairs


Keep the old wooden beams on ceiling for decoration


Outside plastering



Outside painting




Outside staircase and reiling



Pictures of the finished house

The Ground Floor

The Top Floor

The Bathrooms

Floor Plans


The pictures above should give an idea about the works done on this beautiful house and to proove that no corners were cut during the renovation.
You can contact us if you interested in a house refurbishment in Bulgaria



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