[REFERENCE] Bulding an internal bathroom and kitchen

Most older houses in the villages across Bulgaria built before the 1990s are lacking internal bathrooms and toilets. Before today’s flush toilets were available the place containing the toilet was simply a small shed in the garden consisted containing a pit toilet or similar.

This is an old practice in Bulgaria related to the lack of internal plumbing and piping inside the houses. This is still valid for the older houses in the villages as they have never been renovated to modern standards.
The problem of the “missing” internal bathroom and toilet has to be solved by the new owners of such properties. As usually we recommend to hire a builder for a property survey BEFORE buying such a property. This will help you to have an idea of the total costs of your new enterprise.

It should be noted that making an internal bathroom requires involves different operations like concrete laying, waterproofing, plumbing and piping, re-wiring, tiling and others. We have specialized on house renovations and to build an internal bathroom is a standard job for us. In most cases we are able to give you a free quote so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here we will show an example of building an internal bathroom.

The room where the bathroom was to be built on was located on the back of the house and it was used for a storage room for gardening tools and also a wood burner for the radiator heating was installed in this room.

Pictures of this room before.

Works in progress

The remodelling started with bricking-in the old door to the garden and making a new door opening to the house.
A bathroom window was left on the place of the old door.

New plumbing and piping were installed, also built-in toilet cistern

The bathroom was insulated with mineral wool on the ceiling and XPS plates on the walls.
Spot lights were installed on the ceiling (ceiling of plaster boards).
A small bathroom window and a door has been installed.


The finished bathroom

Building and internal bathroom - ready to use

New bathroom ready to use

Bathroom remodelling

Bathroom ready


The kitchen

While working on the bathroom we also worked on a kitchen remodelling. Here pictues of the kitchen before and after:






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