Garden design and layout

Garden design and layoutRising above shrubs, flowers, herbs, and other smaller plants, trees are the backbone of your landscaped garden. Planting trees will add height and color to your property all the year around. Shrubs are the frame of the garden’s design. Especially shrubs that flower are a vital part of any garden and form its “filling”.

Landscaping services

Landscaping servicesNo matter if you are renovating your old house in Bulgaria or if you are constructing a new home, landscaping your garden is what makes your home look completed and attractive. With us you can plan a nice-looking landscape design and then enjoy it the way you want it to be.

Basics of Landscaping

Basics of LandscapingA well arranged yard full of greenery no doubt will bring you piece and joy and will make you feel proud of what you have created. The yard is like a puzzle that requires careful setting and much patience. You have to set all the elements on their right places to be able to see the entire picture. If you already have your own “picture” we can help you make it real – much more colorful and unique..