[REFERENCE] Kitchen replacement

The kitchen facilities were approaching the end of their functionallife and the clinet didn’t want simply to refurbish the kitchen, therefore replacement of the kicthen was proposed. The kitchen arrangement worked well so a replavement was proposed keeping the existing layout.

[REFERENCE] House renovation in Sredets area

Here we are posting details of renovation project carried out by our company. Subject of the renovation is a typical old house in Bulgaria. The house was last habitable a decade or two ago and required a major overhauling to bring it up to modern standards. The structure of the house was sound and …

[REFERENCE] Bulding an internal bathroom and kitchen

Most older houses in the villages across Bulgaria built before the 1990s are lacking internal bathrooms and toilets. Before todays flush toilets were available the place containing the toilet was simply a small shed in the garden consisted containing a pit toilet or similar. The problem of the “missing” internal bathroom and toilet has to be solved by the new owners of such properties.
Here we will show an example of building an internal bathroom.

[REFERENCE] House renovation near Bourgas

One of our building projects was to refurbish a solid tree-storey house, located in a village near the city of Bourgas, Bulgaria. The tasks were some inside and outside changes and improvements (relocation of windows and doors, slight changes in the floor plan, etc.) in order to achieve better space usage and make the house correspondent to modern requirements and needs. Also ordered were the construction of an additional extension which to serve as a kitchen and a covered terrace, both on the ground floor. Read more about: House renovation near Bourgas

[REFERENCE] House refurbishment near Bourgas, Bulgaria

This house has been refurbished by our company for our client from the UK. It is located in a village in Bourgas region. The property is a three storey residential building comprising 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, kitchen with dining area and a living room. The refurbishment of the house has already been started by previous building company but there were many works left unfinished. We were hired to finish the refurbishment of the house.

[REFERENCE] Building an extension & renovating an old house.

Building a new extension when renovating an old house is what our clients often require in order that their property becomes more functional, spacious and updated to modern standards. Here we show in pictures the bulding progress of attaching a new extension to an old house. The house is consisting of two bedrooms and the extension will serve as living roomce. Read more about: Building an extension & renovating an old house

[REFERENCE] Renovation of an old house in Karnobat area

Renovation of an old house in Karnobat areaThis old house was renovated on client’s request in a village near Karnobat, Bourgas region. After the renovation the house is consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen/living room and internal batroom with shower and toilet.

Freehold old houses with adjoining land are among the most attractive properties on the Bulgarian real estate market. Most of these rural houses can be found in authentic Bulgarian villages located close to the big cities or near some summer and winters resort. Read more about:
Renovation of an old house in Karnobat area