Cost of roof repair

Cost of roof repair in BulgariaThe cost of each repair as well as of the roof repair depends on the quantity and the quality of the building materials that will be used and the labor itself. There is one important feature related to the roof repair and namely that this repair requires quick and professional work in order that the house is being re-tiled in shortest terms in order to avoid problems that may occur due to bad meteorological conditions.

When we inspect the roof and decide the timber construction have become so badly decayed that it is quite unable to provide support then a complete repair is inevitable. Read more about: Cost of roof repair in Bulgaria

Renovating in Bulgaria made easy

Nice finishing on renovation works in BulgariaSo far the foreign property buyers in Bulgaria (mainly from the UK and Ireland) have used the services of their real estate agent. These companies with the exception of some large Bulgarian ones were often owned by UK citizens and were based in the UK or in Bulgaria. Now, a few years later many of the real estate companies have disappeared from the property market due to the financial and economic crisis and the following crash of the property market. However lots of old properties have been purchased that now require a general renovation. Read more about: Renovating in Bulgaria made easy

Cheap renovation to re-sell your Bulgarian property successfully

Cheap property renovation in Bulgaria to re-sellThousands of real estates have been purchased, mostly as an investment, within the period from 2004 to 2009 in Bulgaria. Most of the Investors purchased either apartments on the Black sea coast or houses in rural areas planning to re-sell them in 4 or 5 years with good profit that was expected after Bulgaria joined the EU. Most of the properties which have been purchased by foreign Investors in the last few years are in a poor condition and their re-sale will not be possible without any (partial) repairs. These cheap repairs will not cost you much but they can have a big effect for the successful sale of the property. If you decide that you may save the repair be aware that your property will continue to ruin in time and it is possible that you will have nothing to sell one day. More over most of these properties were purchased with bank loans and this necessitates taking prompt action by the owners for their quick sale. Read more about: Cheap renovation to re-sell your Bulgarian property successfully

What is the best time to build in Bulgaria

Best weather for building in BulgariaThis article will be useful for all foreign property owners who are planning to renovate a property in Bulgaria or to build a new one too. The observations we would like to share with you are mostly related to our previous experience with property owners from the UK. Many of you have bought a property that needs renovation or a plot of land for building a new house. Read more about: What is the best time to build in Bulgaria.

Renovating to Sell

house in Bulgaria in need of renovationMany property buyers in Bulgaria look to renovate an old property in Bulgaria to make it a home to live in or to resell it. In this post we will try to look at the best way to approach buying a run down old Bulgarian property with the intention to resale. Many of the points would be valid too if you are buying such a property for you and your family. Read more about: "Renovating to Sell"

Renovating in Bulgaria

House in Bulgaria was not structurally sound and had to be demolishedTo renovate an old Bulgarian house is in general cheaper than building a new property. This depends on a couple of factors like purchase price and the cost of renovation – the volume of works to be done and materials used. When renovating an old Bulgarian property you will be rewarded with a home full of charm and character. Read more about: “Renovating in Bulgaria