Energy efficient house design

Energy efficient houseHere comes the moment you should think about the Energy efficiency of your future house if building a new one or if your house needs to be renovated and namely how you can take an advantage on the energy that surrounds us coming from the sun, the wind, the air and the earth. The aim is to reduce the overall energy consumption in order to achieve a constant microclimate without any heating or cooling system. Observations indicate that the energy costs can be reduced up to 85% by using energy efficient technologies. Read more about: Energy efficient house design

Eco building in Bulgaria?

Building Eco homes in Bulgaria?Problems associated with the climatic changes and the environment that are much discussed in recent years led to necessity of developing such projects that require the usage of the great variety of strategies for energy saving. This - from one hand and decreasing the influence of the existence of these buildings over the environment – from the other and last but not least – forming resources for recycling of the building materials happens to be quite a big problem especially when renewing the building fund. Reag more about BREAAM and eco building certicates in Bulgaria: Eco building in Bulgaria?