About roof leaks and roof repair

About roof leaks and roof repairThe roof is one of the areas where cutting corners is not advisable. We always advise our clients to start the repair of their house in Bulgaria from the roof. Even if the property was not purchased with the intent of immediate renovation the roof check is a must. Effective roofing will protect the interior of your property. Read more about: About roof leaks and roof repair

How to choose the right type of paint

how to choose the right type of paintGenerally there are two types of paints. Alkyd (oil) and polymer paints. . Alkyd paint is suitable for painting wood, metal and plastic. Applying prime on the wall before painting it is a must. In practice, after the ground coat is applied, the surface needs to be cleaned from the dust and then a very thin paint should be applied on the wall. The lack of primer could ruin the ground coat. Paints for different premises are of same base but they differ by their additional components – latex, teflon, silicone, etc.

Building drywalls with plasterboard

Building drywalls with plasterboardThere are a few types of plasterboard available in Bulgaria. All are made from aerated gypsum plaster – hence the Bulgarian name “GypsCarton”, and are covered both sides with strong paper. The standard sheet of plasterboard in most merchants in Bulgaria has a grey paper back and ivory coloring on the front facing side. The standard size is 12.5 mm (thickness), although different dimensions are available.

Drainage in Bulgarian Villages

Drainage in Bulgarian VillagesWhile the drainage facilities in the Bulgarian cities and towns are well developed things doesn’t look like this in most Bulgarian villages. Drainage problems will not always manifest themselves immediately and the failure to tackle your drainage issues can result in costly remedial measures, which could have been avoided through diligent planning in the first instance.

Metric system conversion tables

The metric system is only used in Bulgaria in the building and allied trades. The measurements are normally given in metres, centimetres and millimetres for measurments and in kilogram and tonnes for weights. Read more about: Metric system conversion tables