Swimming pool winterising

The preparation of the outdoor inground swimming pool for the winter season is a very important aspect of the correct pool maintenance. The main purpose of the procedure is to preserve the pool during the cold months when eventual water freeze may damage the construction, the tiling and the expensive pool machinery and equipment. The task is somewhat time and effort consuming and if you are not sure you can manage it by yourself, it is better to hire a professional to do the job. For those, who want to give it a try, we have prepared a short step-by-step instruction of how to do it.

Swimming pool leaks detection and repair

Water loss from a pool normally varies between 3 mm and 6 mm per day due to evaporation, but greater loss indicates a leakage problem. It is possible that at certain point of time your outdoor concrete swimming pool starts leaking. Pool leaks can result from defects in the pool concrete shell or any of the plumbing associated with recirculation, filtration and spa systems.

How to excavate the hole for the swimming pool in order to prepare it for the formwork

Making the foundation and all preparations related to the construction of a swimming pool are not that simple and easy process as you may think. Here we will try to report about issues that can be experienced before, while and after the excavation works for your new swimming pool in Bulgaria. We hope this would help you to understand how to select the place, size and form of the swimming pool in your garden for the perfect swimming pool experience.

Possible problems when building a pool

Possible problems when building a poolIn-ground swimming pools are the most permanent constructions, so it’s important to be sure about your choice of builder for your swimming pool. We would recommend that you make efforts in order to find a reputable company that has the required experience in pools construction. Also it is very important when choosing a company to find out if the company will be responsible for maintenance of the pool within the warranty term and after this term expires.

What swimming pool filtration system?

What swimming pool filtration systemThe filtration system of the swimming pool is of high importance because it performs the functions of a mechanic cleaner of the water. If the system is able to catch even the smallest fragments you will have perfectly clean water in the pool. These fragments are then removed by cleaning the filter and by reverse washing out (in a sand filter system). Generally, before choosing a filtration system for your pool you need to know what its purpose will be. Here we will review two most common swimming pool filtration systems.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool Maintenance TipsWith a little care and the right knowledge, your pool can remain clear, clean and healthy all summer-round. The two most important things to remember about the health of your pool are that it must be sanitized and it must be balanced. The best way to sanitize your pool is with chlorine. Keeping the pool balanced, which means keeping the five basic pool water components (pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and stabilizer) within their proper ranges.

Famous swimming pools

Famous swimming poolsThe world’s largest indoor swimming pool is located in Seagaia Resort - Japan. The “Ocean Dome” has bagged the title of being the biggest indoor swimming pool ever made. It has the capacity to hold up to 10,000 people! The heat inside the marquee remains 30 degrees and the crown is tinted with sky-blue and ever have artistic “clouds”. It has even a volcano that erupts every 15 minutes.

Swimming Pool Building Tips

Swimming Pool Building TipsIn the building industry everything could be done and everything is possible. It is only a matter of price. The correct and advanced planning of your swimming pool could save you many future costs. We will advise you how to plan and build your pool and our professional assistance will save you many troubles and money and will allow you to concentrate to more important things in your life – your family and your business.