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Roof replacement cost in Bulgaria

Cost of repair in BulgariaIf your property is in needs of renovation it is important to start with a check of the roof first. We have reviewed this topic in previous posts like Old property renovation in Bulgaria and About roof leaks and roof repair.
We are often being asked with inquiries and emails “how much would a roof repair cost”. And our answer has always been - we would not be able to calculate the costs of the roof repair until we view the roof and its condition at the moment. Each roof is strictly individual by type and construction, and more important by current condition therefore initial viewing and check up is a must.

Sometimes, just before the sale of the property the previous owner takes some actions in order to make his old property looks more attractive and to catch the buyer’s eye by performing partial cosmetic repair which usually includes external painting of the property and the roof. This ‘refreshment” of the roof could surprise the new owners very unpleasantly once it starts raining and the roof begins to leak.

As it is difficult to find out what exactly the problem with the roof is and how it should be repaired, it is advisable that you use a professional to solve the problem, instead of trying to repair the roof by yourself.

Perhaps on buying the property, you have been told that the roof would need just a slight repair with minimum costs. So it could be a bit disappointing for you, when we give you a quotation quite different from what you expect, after we have checked the condition of the roof and have found the problem.

Timber roof constructionTimber roof construction


Cost of roof repair

The cost of each repair as well as of the roof repair depends on the quantity and the quality of the building materials that will be used and the labor itself. There is one important feature related to roof repair and namely that this repair requires quick and professional work in order that the property is being re-tiled in shortest terms in order to avoid problems that may occur due to bad meteorological conditions.

You can imagine what will happen to your newly renovated and furnished property if such roof repair prolongs for an indefinite period of time. This happens often when the services of non qualified builders are used to do the repair. Roof leak repair is difficult and responsible task and it is not like placing tiles in the bathroom, for example.

Having this in mind you could save troubles by calling a specialist to fix your roof who will do the job professionally and in short terms.

Roof inspection

When we inspect the roof and decide the timber construction have become so badly decayed that it is quite unable to provide support then a complete repair is inevitable. This decision is accepted with reluctance from the house owners, but the fact remains the repair must be carried out.
Once the tiles has been stripped from the roof a throughout check can be carried out of the beams and boards. This will help to identify the places where damp penetration has damage the timber. Then the boarding and if necessary the rafters are replaced and the roof can be re-tiled again.

Timber roof construction

Stripped roof

Recovering the roof

The process of stripping and recovering of the roof starts with carefully taking up the old tiles. Whether these can be used again depends on their conditions. We count usually with 20% to 30%, sometimes up to 50% broken tiles, these have to be replaced by new ones anyway. The problem is that new tiles are hardly compatible in size and shape with the old tiles. That is why we recommend to use new tiles for the recovering of the roof. They give the house a new look and guarantee the new roof sealed properly. If you wish to save some costs, the old roof tiles that are in a good condition could be used but in this case only one of the slopes will be covered with new tiles.

List of cost of the roof repair

Let’s go back to the cost of the roof repair. The calculation of the cost is based on the types of the works that such repair usually requires. The following list includes most of the works for complete re-tiling of the roof.

  1. Stripping the old roof – removing the tiles, cleaning the surface underneath – mud, calc, felt, etc.
  2. Repair of the timber construction - replacing the rotten beams and boards.
  3. Installing new gutters and down pipes, replacing the skirting and flashing around the chimney.
  4. Placing of bituminized felt over the boarding with laths nailed to the boarding.
  5. Delivery and placing of (new) roof tiles and ridge tiles.
  6. Installing face boards.
  7. Painting of the facia boards, down pipes and gutters.

The price of the new tiles varies – you may either use Bulgarian roof tiles that are cheaper with comparatively good quality or imported tiles that are more expensive. There are also different prices for felt, gutters and flashing.

As you see the cost of the roof repair is quite a relative term and varies from roof to roof. If you have a roof in need of repair you can contact us for a free quote. We cover the region of Bourgas and reply quickly to all enquiries. The viewing of the house can be arranged in shortest possible time – usually on the next day.

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About roof leaks and roof repair

Start a renovation with a roof check

About roof leaks and roof repairWith the winter season approaching we are receiving increased number of enquiries regarding repairs of leaking roof coming from people from all around Bourgas region, some even further but unfortunately we are not able to cover that wide area (see our area of operation). Rain is rare in the summer months –July, August, even September – and the leaks in the roof remind about themselves with the first rains in September and October. These rains are more heavy and prolonging than the short and rare summer rains and make even the smaller leaks cause major damage on ceilings, walls and floorings.

Bearing in mind that there is a felt (or similar) under the tiles, and the pitch of most roofs, it is almost impossible to tell exactly where it is leaking from. The water can get through a broken tile and run down the the roof until it is seen running down the far wall in the living room or from around the chimney. This makes leak diagnosis on a roof a very difficult job. There are several reasons for the roof s to leak and here we will try to describe them and the respective roof repair method.

Roof construction

Construction of a roof

Poor installation of the roof

A roof can leak for a number of reasons, but the most common is substandard installation of the roof. Sadly thisincludes the poor quality of the new built houses and apartment buildings in Bulgaria. We have visited two to three years old apartment buildings where the roof is already leaking. According to the Bulgarian law the roof is owned by all owners of the apartments in the building, and every one of the owners in that building should pay for the roof repair. This sounds good on paper but in practice it is difficult to make the owner of an apartment on the second floor to pay for the roof repair in a six storey building. That is why in many of the cases the top floor property owners (if more than one) will have to take care for the roof above their apartments by themselves. It is getting even worse if for example there are several apartment on the top floor, but the roof is leaking only in one of the apartments and there is no problem in the other three apartments. It is very unlikely that a partial repair of the roof above that apartment will solve the problem. In our practice we have seen many cases where the water is penetrating the roof in a total different place than the moisture on the ceiling above.



Over half of all roof leaks in typical residences are the result of improper flashing around roof vents, chimneys and in the valley where the roof lines meet. Storms are the second-leading cause of roof leaks, since strong winds can rip tiles from the roof and force water underneath. Roof leaks can have devastating effects on the interior or structure of a house. If the leak goes undetected, it will grow in size as the surrounding materials rot and sag. If a leak travels in an interior wall and the roof is not repaired on time, the growth of unhealthy mold will reach the stage where total replacement of the wall plaster is required.
In the storm case simple measures will be enough to repair the roof –replacing cracked tiles, proper plastering of the ridge tiles, replacing the sheet metal flashing around the chimney and fixing damaged sections of the guttering.


Age of the roof

People who have purchased an old rural property in Bulgaria will confirm that the roof had to be repaired as at the time of purchase it was leaking or collapsing. Many of the houses in the Bulgarian villages have been built in the 70’s and the 80’s which means that the average age of the properties is over 20-30 years. These houses were built mostly with simple and cheap materials from regular people on a DIY basis – using what they had on site or just bought on small budget. These roofs are already at the end of their life expectancy and need to be repaired.

We always advise our clients to start the repair of their house in Bulgaria from the roof. Even if the property was not purchased with the intent of immediate renovation the roof check is a must. Effective roofing will protect the interior of your property.

Depending on the condition of the roof – a more complex repair will be required. This will include completely stripping the roof, removing rotten timber beams and wooden boards and re-tiling the roof. New roof tiles are recommended as the old tiles would not guarantee a proper sealing.

The roof is one of the areas where cutting corners is not advisable. Just imagine you have to repair the roof after you have just finished the internal renovation of your house and you have to expose to stripped roof to the open sky risking rain to fall and damage the interior. You don’t like the picture, do you?

You can have your roof checked by our company. This is a standard procedure for us and we will do it quickly and professionally. Remember a roof check on time might save you a lot of money and trouble.

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