Renovating in Bulgaria made easy

Using your property agent as a builder?

Nice finishing on renovation works in BulgariaSo far the foreign property buyers in Bulgaria (mainly from the UK and Ireland) have used the services of their real estate agent. These companies with the exception of some large Bulgarian ones were often owned by UK citizens and were based in the UK or in Bulgaria.
Now, a few years later many of the real estate companies have disappeared from the property market due to the financial and economic crisis and the following crash of the property market. However lots of old properties have been purchased that now require a general renovation. In order that they sell their properties quickly most of the real estate companies have often convinced their clients that the renovation of an old property would be easy, cheap. Often the property is a “bargain” and a must buy.

After sale services?

But later on when the owner of this old property decides to contact the real estate company for assistance in regard with the renovation of his property it happens that the real estate company is off the market. If the company still operates they will start mediating between the building company that is due to make the renovation and the property owner.
The situation is very remarkable – all questions related to the renovation of the property that concern the owner from one hand and the decisions that the building company have to take from the other hand are not discussed directly between the two parties as it should be.
The real estate company receives a commission being a mediator between the builder and the owner and therefore it has no interest of both parties contacting each other directly. On most occasions there is also a language barrier between the builder and the foreign property owner and as a result of all mentioned above quite unique results can happen at the end.

Bad communication between owner and builder

Incorrect performance of the renovation which does not cover the owners’ requirements is the rule not the exception. Most of the real estate companies are professionals in their own branch but they are not familiar with building. Acting on behalf of the property owner sometimes they can not understand the owner’s wishes and requirements related with the renovation well and interpret them incorrectly to the builder. The results are:

  • irregular payments and delay in the terms
  • poor quality performance

Very often as a result of all these problems that may occur, the owner stops payments and the builder himself stops the renovation works at some stage thus leaving the property unfinished.

Don’t use your property agent as a builder!

Our company has been working on such unfinished properties for a long time and that is why we would like to advise you: do not use the real estate company that sold you the property as a mediator between you and the builder, try to find a building company instead that is experienced in renovations in order that you save problems in the future. Do not rely on causal builders (often called cowboys) who will offer you cheap renovation services but having no professional qualities. Be aware that it is very difficult and almost simply not possible to control the renovation works from a distance.

Surprised of renovation quality

This is how others install new PVC windows to replace old ones

This is how others install new PVC windows to replace old ones. More photos about what can go wrong while renovating in Bulgaria here

Some property owners are hiring a builder to renovate their property but as they are not staying in Bulgaria for a longer time and they have to rely on the builder’s consciousness that the renovation works will be performed in the agreed terms and quality in their absence. It happens very often though the owners are unpleasantly surprised when they are back to see their renovated property – either the works are not finished or are of a very poor quality only.

When hiring our building services

We have a very natural, professional and effective approach to our clients. Once we have cleared out what kind of renovation works are required from the property owner we prepare and send him an offer that includes all the stages of the renovation process that will be carried out by our building company and the term in which each stage will be completed. Payments are made also on stages; usually when a stage is finished we send photos to the owner thus he would be able the see the progress then he makes the next payment and we proceed further with the next stage.
This is the best way for the owner to have control over the whole renovation progress from the very beginning to the happy end.
We believe this is the best way to protect the interest and the rights of both parties – the owner and the builder. Our company guarantees high quality in building and renovation works and it is liable under Bulgarian laws.

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