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“InvestConsult” Ltd is a family run building and investment company based on the southern Black Sea coast, in Bourgas, Bulgaria. We are a progressive and well respected house building company, concentrating in the construction and refurbishment of high quality residential and holiday properties in the Bourgas area, bringing quality and client’s satisfaction to each new home.

Dear Visitor,

We hope the reason for visiting the site of ‘InvestCosult’ Ltd is due to your personal needs that are related to the services our company offers. We have prepared a brief review to help you in this respect.

‘InvestConsult’ Ltd has been in constant contact with foreign clients since 2004 when the interest of buying immovable properties in Bulgaria started.
We would point out that our company priority is to assist and advise clients who are mainly interested in building houses and villas or who are in need of repairs or reconstructions of any immovable properties. Having been in the building and construction business from the very beginning we have much previous experience from the building point of view. We would like to share it with you and to help you create your opinion related to your future property plans.

Our observations are based on the fact that the properties we have built or renovated have been sold directly to the buyers without the services of the real estate agencies.

Old Houses in Bulgaria

In the past few years investment in properties in need of renovation and repairs has been widely spread in Bulgaria. The reason is these properties are usually cheaper as first time investment. It is also thought they could be ready for use and the costs involved would be less. On most occasions this is found to be a popular fallacy.

In Bulgaria village houses are never built with inside toilets and baths (they are usually in the yard); no sewerage and internal staircase in the houses. So they should be additionally updated to cover the modern requirements. Usually these village houses look quite ordinary and unattractive; most of the yards are not maintained and are rather messy. You probably guess that many building skills, efforts and money are essential to update the property up to the living standard. That is why most of the properties in the villages although being purchased are still in poor condition and are still waiting for rerenovation. If you already own a village house in Bulgaria in need of renovation please contact us and we will be glad to offer you professional building services at very reasonable prices. More about property renovation in Bulgaria.

Plot of Land in Bulgaria

Many regulated plot of lands (land with a building permission) have been also bought by foreign customers but there are some special features related to this kind of properties. Bulgarian Law currently stipulates that only Bulgarian citizen or a Bulgarian company can purchase land. Therefore if you want to buy land or a property with a garden you must create a Bulgarian company which is a simple process. Be aware that there could be some problems with the regulation of the land. Most of the regulated plot of lands in the villages that are for sale have such problems and obtaining building permission for the plot could take time quite a long time.

So when you start looking for a Bulgarian building company it is advisable to make some researches in advance about company’s building experience. Most of them (some big ones too) are specialized in building of block of flats and housing estates which is very different from building or renovating a house or villa. The difference comes from the specific process of organization and the cost of the service; and if you do not choose the right builder there will be a risk of misunderstanding and disappointment in final practical and financial results.

Swimming Pool

When you start building or renovating the house, think about landscaping of the yard and most important of building a swimming pool. For most of the foreign owners a swimming pool in the yard is a must because of the opportunity to chill in its crystal waters and to have a swim during the hot summer days and to feel really happy and relaxed.
But before starting with the swimming pool think once again – when ready the swimming pool needs to be maintained on daily bases. If you are traveling a lot and you are staying in your property a couple of weeks during the summer even in your absence the swimming pool should be maintained since May till October.
Otherwise if no one takes care of it (while you are not there) you may find it unfit for use when you come back. Within a few days the swimming poll will look like a marsh with greenish waters full of insects.
Apart from our building services we also offer annual maintenance of the pool and maintenance of the whole property on client’s request.
Please note if you intend to let your property out you must have it! You can see here the most famous swimming pools on earth.

What we do

Our aim is to provide stylish quality homes built to exacting standards with quality features appreciated by discerning purchasers. This will be achieved through professionalism, thorough attention to detail, and a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

We firmly believe that purchasers want to buy a home that is special. That is why the location and sitting are of equal importance. We take great care to select desirable locations and we design our properties sympathetically to harmonize with the land its surroundings.

We make it our business to do our best, to make sure that your property purchasing experience in Bulgaria will be both enjoyable and hassle free. That is why we offer our customers the full package of before and after sale services:

  • Building new homes
  • Property renovation and refurbishment
  • property survey (if planning to buy a property new or pre-owned)
  • professional advice in planning your property (size, layout, materials, etc)
  • legal assistance (setting up ltd. company)
  • property management
  • letting management
  • furnishing service
  • insurance

Customer Service

As a small, family run company we have the opportunity to be able to offer a more personalised service to all of our customers and we pride ourselves on our flexibility to provide excellence in customer service.

We really do care for our clients.

Our team of fully qualified, reliable tradesmen are committed to providing the utmost care and level of service every hour they are engaged in a project, whether they are building a private home, a business building or holiday home. Skilled to undertake effectively the wide range of tasks involved in building projects we keep a client’s needs uppermost in our thinking at all times. From start to finish we LISTEN to our clients, DISCUSS objectives, PLAN carefully, MANAGE thoughtfully and DELIVER dreams.

Our approach is to engage with them and advise every step of the way – from their initial idea, through planning issues, design phases and construction programmes to the ultimate delivery of their vision. We are involved with them from start to finish in a form of partnership few companies are prepared to undertake.

A project may be in our hands, but the client is kept constantly up to speed on progress or any developments affecting it.

Whether it is providing planned or reactive maintenance services, project management using sub-contractors or design services, our aim is to do things right the first time by setting realistic goals that we outline and go through with our clients.

That way we clearly establish realistic expectations for clients and then do our utmost to exceed them on time and within an agreed budget through our commitment to superior service backed by experience and a will to do the best job possible.

We still build buildings, it is still bricks and mortar, we still place concrete the same way, we drive nails the same way, measure the same way. What make the difference is not in what you’re building, it’s in managing the contract, managing the expectations of the customer.

We fully appreciate that the most powerful advertising medium is personal opinion. This is why we make sure that our customers are always 100% satisfied with our work, ensuring that if they are mentioning us to others, then it’s for all the right reasons. In fact our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship has enabled us to build our business on referrals and repeat clients

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