Builder in Bourgas, Bulgaria.

Building new houses in Bourgas, Bulgaria

Building a new house can be very stressful and time consuming process – and perhaps even more in a foreign country. The building procedures in every country vary and without knowing them in detail many time and money will be simply wasted, and so in Bulgaria.

If you have purchased a plot of land with the intention to build a house note your plot of land should be regulated in order to obtain ‘permission for building” according to the Territory Layout Law.

If you own an old house in Bulgaria there are two options for you. The first one would be to renovate the old property, bringing it to a new shine. If you are not sure if your old house is worth to renovate it you can contact us for a cost estimate of renovation. You will receive our very competent survey, telling you if the building could be renovated at reasonable cost or if it requires lots of repairs to make it habitable and the estimated costs of its repair will exceed every sensible limit so the best solution is to take the old house down and to build a new home.

Having been in the building & construction business in Bulgaria since 1996 we believe our general overview of the house building process would be helpful before you start building your dreamed home.

Size matters!

Often people decide to build a large house thinking that bigger is better. Based on our previous experience we have always recommended the building of a single storey house to our clients. A single storey house has some advantages that should not be overlooked. Although smaller in size compared to a two story house sometimes if well designed it could be more functional and compact; if well built a small house could look and feel larger, lighter, more spacious, stylish and luxurious. Most importantly it would cost you less. You would be able to save some funds for building a BBQ, a swimming pool, landscaping, etc.

Swimming pool

Your new home would be more attractive in combination with a pool considering Bulgaria has a mild continental climate with lots of sunshine in summer months. Anyway it is matter of a budget but be aware that if you decide to have a pool it has to be constructed before you landscape your garden.

Building Materials and Style

  • Concrete and bricks are the most common type of building materials to construct the shell of a building in Bulgaria. The foundations and the support construction are usually of re-enforced concrete; the external walls are made of red bricks.
  • The roof of the house could be built of timber beams and joists and covered with red roof tiles (Marseille type).
  • For the interior decoration of the houses internal drywalls could be used. Most used in Bulgaria are the drywalls make KNAUF. The drywall consists of plasterboard made of paper bonded to a gypsum plaster and mineral fibre insulation or fibreglass matting in between. Drywalls provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. This type of building technique is known as ‘dry” so the walls could be painted immediately after their installation.
  • It is advisable to put a thermal insulation or a layer of plaster on the floors before placing the flooring cover. Whether it will be tiles or laminate flooring it depends on when the property will be used – in summer or all the year around. There is a great variety of wall and floor tiles (local made in Bulgaria, or imported from Turkey, Italy or Spain and China recently) and accessories for baths at reasonable prices.
  • It is important to plan your bathroom design in advance – with a tube or with a shower before buying them. Be aware most of the houses in the villages have no sewerage so a septic tank in the yard is required.
  • PVC is by far the most popular material for windows and (external) doors today providing good insulation. We recommend double glazed windows in combination with wooden entrance door.
  • The insulation is of high importance for the property energy efficiency and for your home comfort. If you will be living in the house permanently we recommend to make an external insulation - to “pack” all the external walls of the property or the other option is to install drywalls on the inside walls.
  • If the property will be used within the summer months such serious and expensive insulation is not required. We will be glad to advise you how to make your property “cooler” and how to avoid the summer heat. We can help you figure out which solution will be right for you home.
  • The electrical wiring of the property should be done by specialists and if you place your trust in us, you will not be disappointed – just select your interior lighting fixtures and enjoy your new home.

Our company will make everything for you with great pleasure so that you can have a beautiful and modern home answering your concepts in shortest terms and built with high professionalism.

We have long-standing contacts with foreign citizens who let their properties in Bulgaria so even if you build your new house for investment we will give you some practical advises how to plan your property in accordance with clients’ requirements in order to make your investment profitable and successful.

Sample floor plans of houses built by our company

Floorplan (floor plan) 2 bed house

2 Bedroom house

  • Two bedrooms
  • One bathroom
  • Living room with dining area and open plan kitchen
  • Utility room
  • Total built up area 79 m2

Floorplan (floor plan) 3 bed house

3 Bedroom house

  • Three bedrooms
  • One bathroom
  • Living room with dining area and open plan kitchen
  • Utility room
  • Total built up area 85 m2

Floorplan (floor plan) 3 bed house

3 Bedroom house

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms (one en-suite)
  • Living room with dining area and open plan kitchen
  • Utility room
  • Total built up area 120 m2

The floor plans above are samples of real houses built by Investconsutl Ltd for customers from the UK. The floorplans are designed exclusively by our company . The houses – solely built by our building company - are primerely designed for a holiday home in Bulgaria. The 2-bedroom house and the medium sized 3-bedroom houses are a cost-effective solution for a summer house in Bulgaria. The larger 3-bed house can be used all year round (because of the entrance hall)

As said before these house designs are cost saving and perfect solution for a limited budget. Contact us for a quote and you will be surprised by the low cost.

When saving from the size of your house you will be able to have built up a nice fence, a landscaped yard, a swimming pool and a BBQ for an outdoor family diner. We would like to advise you, that if you intend to let your house then a swimming pool is a must.

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