Apartment renovation in Bourgas

Here we will show pictures of an apartment renovation /flat renovation/ project. The job is a major renovation of an apartment in a residential building in Bourgas, Bulgaria. The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, large living and dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The works performed in the apartment are some re-wiring, full re-plumbing, small reconstructing of the entry hall area, new bathrooms, new kitchen, new floorings (tiles and laminate), new doors and some other small things, including plastering, painting etc.
Here we will show with pictures the process of a full renovation of an apartment. This is a standard renovation if you wish to renovate an apartment to modern standards. This specific apartment has been built in the early 90’s of the last century. It is not very old but it was finished at period of time when there were no modern building materials available in Bulgaria. At that time you simply couldn’t buy things like floor tiles or exterior paint.

The apartment before

It’s good to have a plan of repair works before starting. The demolition works should be the first thing to go. Here in this renovation we will remove the old flooring in the rooms and the hall, will clean up of the bathroom from all old tiles, sinks and bathtub. We will remove some of the old doors and necessarily remove the old kitchen.

As you can see the interior is a bit outdated and it was the time for a complete overhauling of the interior … and the exterior actually.

Things to consider before starting the project

While no two renovations are the same, the process of planning your renovation is pretty universal.

There is a logical order in which renovation works should be undertaken. Preparing a plan of attack will prevent to undo completed works and is also a very useful way of estimating the likely cost and time schedule of a renovation project. This will allow works to be prioritized without wasting funds or compromising the end result.

Usually for most renovations there will be a need to speak to different experts and professionals. We try to make things as simple as possible for our clients and that is why we use our own professionals who are qualified in a broad range of jobs.

Do it the right way

The first stage of any renovation project is to get a detailed assessment of the current condition of the property. If you are buying to renovate then we recommend hiring an independent surveyor to undertake a building report which will identify the essential repairs needed.

If the apartment is to be remodeled it is also essential to get a measured survey of the building. A measured survey is an exact scale drawing of the layout of the building as it is. This will prove to be an invaluable starting point for making design decisions and is also likely to be needed as part of any planning applications.

Electrrical plans

Planning the living room

A part of the planning consists of planning of the re-wiring and repositioning of the electrical outlets and switches in the apartment. For the living room it would be best to install around five double outlets and spread them around the room. This will allow for the use of table lamps, chargers, vacuum cleaner and other electrical appliances. If an AC unit is to be installed later on in that room then this is the best time to install an outlet at the right place. It would also be wise to install some more outlets behind your main TV/audio area. This eliminates the need to use ugly multi boxes.

Planing the kitchen

The kitchen will need sockets for all the standard appliances such as the oven, plates, fridge, exhaust, microwave, kettle, dishwasher but it is recommended to have at least four more, so it’s easy to operate other appliances such as mixers and coffee machines. In the modern kitchen there is also need for chargers for mobile phones and laptops. With the amount of the appliances these days it is an also necessary to discuss the amount of circuits that run from the switchboard to the kitchen. It is recommended to have at least two circuits in the kitchen as people operate a lot more appliances these days than before.


Next step (of equal importance as the electrical planning) are the home’s water fixtures and piping will that will need to be tweaked throughout the project. It would be at least worth replacing the water and sewage pipes. You wouldn’t like to see rusty water flowing from your new kitchen or water tab, don’t you? Good plumbing professionals will spot issues and ensure your installation meets standards at every turn. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen may impact other rooms in your home. Proper plumbing specialist is able to see the big picture and ensure the structural integrity of all impacted rooms. Quality plumbing professionals effectively handle all manner of pipes, fixtures, appliances, and custom requests.


Installing new tiles in the toilet and the bathroom

Installing floor tiles in entrance hall and kitchen

Installing the new kitchen

Painting the walls and installing the wallpappers


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